Sunday, May 13, 2007

TAG – You're It!

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I've been tagged by Trish Monaco (aka FreeeePeace) to reveal ten things about myself. She's coming home to New England -- started east yesterday -- it'll be interesting to see whether seismic activity increases around here, with the new epicenters being beneath coffee shops...

Being a private person and rather shy, that's going to be a mite difficult. The really hard part is going to be trying to tag others.

    The Rules:

  • I will write 10 interesting (?) things about myself.

  • Then tag 10 people. (no "tag backs")


  1. I wanted to be an oceanographer but my father talked me out of it. Just about the worst decision I ever made.

  2. My breast bone is sewn together with stainless steel wire. Each “stitch” was made by the same device I used for years to tie the SS safety wire together inside of engines when rebuilding them. Some of the stitches have worked an end up that pokes me when I twist or turn in a particular fashion. It has the bonus of preventing me from lifting more than the amount of weight the thoracic surgeon limited me to as I can feel those stitches pulling and popping whenever I exceed a reasonable weight. The days of hefting hundred pound sacks of oats are over, for sure.

  3. I don't like cats, but they do like me.

  4. Same goes for young children, although that is true to a lesser degree on both sides of the relationship.

  5. I suffer from a severe case of “foot-in-mouth disease” when interacting in person with others. You think Don Imus was rude and crude? Try me in person sometime.

  6. I am an atheist. I have very little tolerance for the antics of the “faithful.”

  7. Despite my appearance, my politics are an amalgam of old school conservatism on fiscal issues and decidedly libertarian on social and political issues. I have almost as little tolerance for politicians as I do for Christians, Muslims and small children. However, children have an excuse – lousy parents.

  8. I am now an orphan. Even from this lofty perch in time it is an uneasy feeling.

  9. Almost all dogs like me eventually. Those that don't are usually the paranoid fear-biters that should be put down to protect the public. Even working protection dogs like me – I'm fun to “catch”!

  10. Conversely, most people don't like me. I am too: “aloof, strange, dominant, forceful, scary” -- all descriptions heard multiple times over the years. For whatever reason, I appear much bigger and far scarier than I really am. Go figure...

And so it goes.

There's no way I'm going to come up with ten people to tag. So I'll tell you what – if you'd like to play along and you haven't been tagged yet – blame it on me. I've got broad shoulders and thick skin – just ask my detractors! LOL

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