Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday Mind Hump – Thanks For The Mammeries

Rfduck, intrepid mememeister, has been burning the candle at both ends, so to speak. On the one wing, it's Spring, and a young drake's thoughts turn to one thing – sex. Yes, friends, the Duck has been bitten by the love bug and has quite the welt to show for it. He's met a duck he fancies and they've been noodling around together, spooning and billing and getting it on in every room of the house and most of the offices in the Music Department at the University of Oregon. At the same time, rfduck has been a diligent student confronting another end of semester round of final exams, papers and presentations.

What's a young quacker to do?

Obviously, not much, when it comes to the matter of “The Wednesday Mind Hump,” as the following shall serve as mute testimony thereto:

Hi everyone! Let's mind hump! Today is Great Northern Beans Day, so we'll just go ahead and use tomorrow's theme - Official Thank You Day. That's all I can think of this late at night! Sorry.

1. What is your favorite song with "Thank You" or "Thanks" in the title?
Thanks For The Memories, Bob Hope's “signature tune” (1937 - Paramount Music Corp.). I prefer the version sung by Frank Sinatra. It was written by the team of
Leo Robin and Robert Rainger, and recorded by Sinatra on July 20, 1981, in New York.
2. Who do you want to thank, and why?
I want to thank my mother and father for not giving in to the impulse to kill me as I am sure that murderous urge swept over them many times during the fourteen years or so we were together (I was such an angelic child and all (cough cough)).

Thanks for the memory
Of things I can't forget, journeys on a jet
Our wond'rous week in Martinique and Vegas and roulette
How lucky I was

And thanks for the memory
Of summers by the sea, dawn in Waikiki
We had a pad in London but we didn't stop for tea
How cozy it was

Now since our breakup I wake up
Alone on a gray morning-after
I long for the sound of your laughter
And then I see the laugh's on me

But, thanks for the memory
Of every touch a thrill, I've been through the mill
I've lived a lot and learned a lot, you loved me not and still
I miss you so much

Thanks for the memory
Of how we used to jog even in a fog
That barbecue in Malibu, away from all the smog
How rainy it was

Thanks for the memory
Of letters I destroyed, books that we enjoyed
Tonight the way things look, I need a book by Sigmund Freud
How brainy he was

Gone are those evenings on Broadway
Together we'd go to a great show
But now I begin with the Late Show
And wish that you were watching, too

I know it's a fallacy
That grown men never cry, baby, that's a lie
We had our bed of roses, but forgot that roses die
And thank you , so much.

Lyrics copyright 20th Century Music
Image Copyright © 1996-2007 Di Stefano Production

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