Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Music Mambo

"At the Second Fret, Philadelphia coffeehouse, Jim Kweskin and Jug Band produce carefree musical cookery from compound of such miscellaneous instruments as kazoos, washtubs, hubcaps, washboards and jugs."
Saturday Evening Post, May 30, 1964, "Just Playin' Folks"
photo by John Launois

[left to right, Fritz Richmond, Jim Kweskin, Mel Lyman, David Simon (seated), Geoff Muldaur]

Rfduck is obviously getting giddy and foolish with the onset of final exams. Witness this week's Mambo: “Hello mamboers! School's in session! It's School Day today, according to my source for daily holidays. We're going to do something really creative and fun.”

Your task: Create a mini-course catalogue for Music University. You can make up classes like Guitar Solos 101, Introduction to British Invasion, Advanced Hotel Destruction - anything you want! You can even list professors if you'd like (Prof. J.M. Osbourne for that last course suggestion, perhaps?) Have fun with it!

The Jim Kweskin & Mel Lyman Memorial Jug Band

College of Music and Tuning at Kazoo U.

Class Catalogue:

Music Theory 001 – “Doe, a deer, a female Deer”

Music Theory 002 – The Motion Is The Lotion

Music 101 – Basic Jug Band Music

Music 102 – Advanced Basic Jug Band Music

Music 103 -- Folk Music Theory

Violin 101 --Fiddling

Violin 102 -- Fiddling Around

Violin 103 -- Fiddle Faddling Around

Violin 104 – Jumping from windows without breaking anything

String Instruments 111 -- Hammered Dulcimer

String Instruments 112 -- Getting Hammered

String Instruments 113 -- Picking Banjo

String Instruments 114 (Banjo 105) -- Claw Hammer Style

String Instruments 115 -- Gut Bucket Bass (Playing Music On A G String)

Guitar Tuning 001 – The E String Is Your Friend.

Guitar Tuning 002 – 12 Strings for 5 fingers – Remedial Callous Development

Performance Theater 211 – Maximizing Time In The Arc Light

Folk Music Theory 101 -- Fundamentals of Folk Music: Sixteen Tons of theory

Folk Music Theory 102 (Philosophy 102/Botany 102) – Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Folk Music Theory 103 (Gospel Singing 101) – Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

Folk Music Theory 104 (Philosophy 104) – Musical Protests (War? What's It Good For?)

Percussion 101 - Stealing Hubcats For Steel Bands

Percussion 102 -- Washboard, Spoons & Syncopation -- An EclectiCity Course

Well, there you have it, such as it is. Hope it brought you a smile this Monday.

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