Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday Mind Hump -- Smell-o-vision

Hello humpers! Today is Be Kind To The Smelly Day. I'm not touching that one, so let's make this photo day.

1) Are you a photographer?
No, I'm an amateur photographer only. Yes, I've had some training and I can compose a shot (when I remember) but it turns out I don't have the critical eye of the true photographer. Hence the distinction.
2) If so, tell us about your photo equipment.
These days, I mostly rely on a Fuji S5000 3 megapixel with a 10X optical zoom lens and a Pentax WP10 5 megapixel with a 3X zoom. I still have several Minolta SRT 101 bodies and a fair assortment of lenses, a nice point and shoot Minolta Freedom Zoom 150 35mm with a 5 to 55mm focal length zoom and some underwater P&S throwaways I use when I know they or me is going to get very wet.
3) Describe (or post) one of your favorite photos, either one you've taken or one you've seen.
My favorite photos are by Ansel Adams, in particular his Monolith, The Face of Half Dome, 1927 (above in poster form from
4) Do you like having your picture taken?
I'm not terribly photogenic, however I don't mind having my picture taken by someone who knows what they are doing.
5) If you are able, post a photo for us to see!

Hmm. Lots to choose from, even though none of my 35mm stuff is digitized. Let's see, current images which haven't already appeared on the web? How about this one?

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