Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Rite of Spring In Maine

Photo accompanies this story on the front page of this
weekend's edition of the Bangor Daily News

My wife, Louisiana born and bred, was startled and appalled at the thought of leaving caskets full of the deceased in subterranean mausoleums from first frost in early fall until after the last of the frost leaves the ground come spring, when she first came to live here. Now, eight years later, she completely understands this story in the Bangor Daily News:

"Last rites of spring: Waiting is a tradition born of necessity in Maine"

"One breezy, brilliantly sunny afternoon in early May, a small group gathered at the graveside of Everett C. Burns at Riverside Cemetery in Orono. The trees had yet to leaf out, but a nearby rhododendron had burst into bloom, and a flock of ducks quacked loudly overhead on their journey home." (click the link above to continue)

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