Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MEME: Wednesday Mind Hump – Smelly Feats of Footwork

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Welcome to the hump! Today's theme is Best Foot Day, so today's questions all have to do with feet.

1. Football - what's your favorite football team (any level)?
Football isn't my thing. So, for geographic solidarity's sake, I say the New England Patriots.
2. Shoes - Describe your favorite pair of shoes.
Can't get them anymore – they don't make them and if they did, I couldn't afford them. Tretorn Tennis shoes, made with sueded leather uppers, pigskin liners and an XLT sole sewn, not just glued. They came in tan and were like walking in clouds. These days I use plastic Crocs.
3. Dancing - What do you think is the best music to dance to?
Sort of depends on what kind of dancing you want to do, now doesn't it, laddie? I mean, after all, ye wouldn't be trying to do Morris Dancing to Peter, Paul and Mary, would ye? Or imagine the difficulty trying to break dance to the Blue Danube waltz! Clog Dancing to nursery rhymes, perhaps? Ye gets my meaning, laddie? Ask a better question, hear?

Now I suppose you want to play, too. If that's so, just click on the link up top and you'll be trnsported on a magic carpet to the land of milk and honey, where all will be clear. Or so says rfduck, the mememeister. Just be sure to read the fine print and remember, “Rumpledforeskin!” There will be a quiz, m'dear.

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