Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Monday Madness: curiosities

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How Many........

1. ...computer-related gadgets do you own?
Way more than I should own. At last count, there were seven computers here, all but 2 working. And all of their peripherals, terminals, monitors, disk drive subsystems, printers, etc.

2. ...pictures on your living room walls?
About a half dozen, at the moment. We change pictures on the wall frequently.

3. ...magnets on your refrigerator?
**27** -- I counted just for you! ;)

4. ...reference books in your bookshelves?
A couple of hundred.

5. ...boxes of cereal in your cupboards?
**5** Two are sugared, the purview of SWMBO. The unsweetened "hay" are mine - Nutty Nuggets, Shredded Wheat & Toasted Oats are yours truly.

6. ...lamps in your house?
About a dozen electric lamps; about a half-dozen kerosene lamps (we lose power frequently and for extended periods of time).

7. ...times a week do you shop for groceries?
Usually, twice a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

8. ...magazines do you subscribe to?
Only two at present - I take SeaKayaker and the better half takes Yankee Magazine.

9. ...tv programs do you watch on a regular basis?
CSI - Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry, West Wing, ER, Medium, House, Survivor, Six Feet Under, Sopranos, McLoud's Daughters, Gilmore Girls, Monk, Dead Zone, Crossing Jordan.

10. ...items on your bathroom counter that don't really need to be there?
We don't have a bathroom counter, so things tend to accumulate on the toilet cover and the answer is simple -- too many!

Have a great week. Don't forget, if you want to participate in Monday Madness, get a copy of the questions for yourself and leave a link to your answers in the comments at Otto's Monday Madness Web Site.

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