Saturday, March 19, 2005

Weekend Assignment #51: Write a haiku about spring!

Each week, John Scalzi, self-absorbed science fiction author
& AOL's Blogfather, issues a writing assignment to his
faithful minions. Each week, said minions comply. Often
hilarity ensues. Get your assignment here. Leave linkage
in the comments there, too, to your haiku. That is all...

Weekend Assignment #51: Write a haiku about spring!

Haiku is three lines:
Five syllables, then seven
And then five again.

Haiku from Japan
Often concern the seasons.
Why shouldn't ours, too?

The Extra Credit:

A drawing or a picture
Showing spring in bloom!

Spring has sprung, they say
Nowhere has it, up my way.
Snow it is, today.

Maine has only three
seasons: Summer, Winter, Mud.
Spring fails, Autumn flails.

A Maine Spring Unborn

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