Saturday, March 26, 2005

Saturday Six - Episode 50

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Each week, Patrick offers six questions to answer on a Saturday afternoon. Each week, like a zombie, I am compelled to answer them.
This is not a symbiotic relationship.
Get your own questions for your blog from the source and leave a link to your answers at Patrick's Place.
1. Do you believe that Terri Schiavo should be allowed to die or that she should be kept alive?
At this point there can be no "death with dignity" for Mrs. Schiavo. The enmity between her family and her husband, the prolonged court battles and the attempts to win their case in the press instead of the courts have precluded any chance of a dignified passing. No matter what action is taken, it is "wrong" in the eyes of a substantial number of people, ALL of whom have no say nor legal standing in this matter. The bottom line is this -- in the absence of a living will or other documentary evidence, the stated wishes of her husband have the force of law AND MUST BE OBEYED IN A LAWFUL SOCIETY.

2. Has the Schiavo case made you take any action towards creating a living will of your own?
SWMBO and I have reconfirmed to each other our desires to die without application of heroic measures in the event of brain death, quadriplegic infirmities, accidental or organic coma with no hope of recovery, etc. We each have pledged our willingness to risk jail time in order to assure the death of the other in the event we cannot take out ourselves without assistance. We both hope it never comes to that, but if it does, the other has marching orders.
3. Let's forget what we know -- or more likely, what we think we know -- about Schiavo's condition. If you suffered a brain injury that would leave you in a non-responsive vegetative state (whether Schiavo is in this state or not) and your doctors said that there was so much brain damage that there would be no hope of recovery, would you want to be kept alive no matter what?
NO. Under no circumstances imaginable. Absolutely not.

4. Has anyone outside of your immediate family ever asked you to be their "personal representative" to make such a decision on their behalf if they ever suffer a severe injury? Do you think you could really make the decision?
Yes, and yes.

5. Do you have a special outfit ready for Easter Sunday? Does your family have any special Easter traditions?
No, it isn't a holiday or event I celebrate.

6. What room of your house is the absolute messiest? Would you ever let a house guest see it?
My office and no, I don't let people see it if I have any say in the matter. That isn't to say that it isn't held up to ridicule by SWMBO - it is.
Have a great weekend ... may the skies be blue, the sun strong and true and your belly be full. They're forecasting clouds, sun and 40's here. That is as close to spring as we ever get.

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