Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Aaargh, Matey - It Be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Avast Me Hearties, "Bloody Sam Read" here. Mad Cap'n Tom sent me this here missive; I thank'ee kindly if you'd be reading it and paying attention and all. Have a nice day. Yo, ho, ho, she's got three men on her chest...

Arr, ahoy me hearty! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day -- at least, if ye be east o' the Atlantic -- an' that mean it be time fer swashbucklin', pluderin', an' talkin' like the buccaneer that ye be!

In this email: I be possibly makin' me debut TV appearance today, an' there be pirate parties an'all...


If ye know o' any local radio station, email or call 'em an' tell 'em it be Pirate Day! Their phone an' email be on their web site, mos' likely, an' the more messages they be gettin', the more likely that ye be hearin' 'em talk like pirates later! (Yon breakfast shows be rather 'appy to do such.) This year, I be presentin' the whole thing from the Southampton Boat Show, an' so the best way fer folks t'be gettin' in touch is by emailin' capntom@yarr.org.uk !


P'raps ye can be tunin' in already: I be on BBC Radio Essex at 0730 London time, BBC Sheffield at 0745, Q103 Cambridge at 0835, BBC Suffolk at 0850, Quay Radio West at 0900, BBC Derby at 0945, and BBC Scotland at 1040. Me vocal cords be gettin' a workout tomorrow, an' no mistake!

But the most startlin' part is that it be most likely that I be on CBBC Newsround tomorrow, bein' interviewed from the Southampton Boat Show! It be me first TV appearance, an' I be rather nervous t'say the least...!


Don't be forgettin' that this be in aid o' charity this year, me hearty - fer the Jubilee Sailin' Trust's Eye Patch Day, an' fer me mateys at Marie Curie!



I be knowin' of a couple'o pirate parties! First, fer tonight, Orriebell be sendin' this signal: "I be tryin to mass an amount o' pirates on
the tattershall castle. This is a lubberly free boat pub which resides on the river thames between embankment and westminster. no idea how many people will come, but please be invitin' anyone you care to mention it to!"

Cap'n Zanner be sayin': "Delius in Bradford is avin' a shindig to celebrate International Talk like a pirate day. We be a small inn for the thirsty pirate and we be offerin' free grog to those who dares to venture into Delius Tavern and speak in ways beffiting non-land lubbers. www.myspace.com/deliuspub be our site!"

Cap'n Mowger be writin': "Myself and some mates are holding a pirate day in London on the 23rd of September. Details are at www.myspace.com/garrlikeapirate. Come along if you can! And if you could mention it on your site, it'd be much appreciated!!"

(O'course, the standard warnin's apply: I not be checkin' the veracity o'these, an' fer all I know they be lies spread by scurvy privateers - but they prob'ly be true!)


Have a great, grand, wondrous Pirate Day, me hearties! Best o' luck on the high seas!


-- Mad Cap'n Tom

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