Monday, September 18, 2006

MEME: Monday Music Mambo -- Plays Long

Rfduck has his feathers in a fluff -- see for yourself:

“Greetings! Let's do another Music Mambo. Today's theme is LP Record Day! How convenient.”

1. Do you own any L.P.s? If so, how many?
Yes, being an old phartoid from the flower-power dimension, I do own a few LP's. Like, maybe, 350 or so. Mostly rcok, folk, jazz and classical.
2. Do you own any rare or special L.P.s? Tell us the story behind how you got them.
The rarest I own is a two disk set of the National Symphony of China I purchased at a concert of theirs when they were touring the US just after Richard Nixon's historic visit. That was the beginning of the end for Red China, as I knew it growing up. My most special LP is “Moondog Is!”-- a Columbia Music disk sent me, again in the early 70's, because I was a disk jockey for an “Alternative” music station (in addition to my paying gig as the voice of the news at WVMT-FM which broadcast only easy listening and news in those days).
3. Are there any original-copy L.P.s that you'd absolutely love to have?
Lots and lots, but frankly, I'd be happy with good quality CD's as they are easier to pack around. I have my LP's on 3' wide shelves and they take up four of them. Damn near to two hundred pounds of plastic and cardboard. They're going to have to go before I can move, dammit.
4. What do you think the future holds for the L.P.?
I think the future for the LP is the same as that for the Edsel and the Dodo bird...

The rules are, there are no rules!!! All you need to do is copy and paste the above questions into your blog and add your responses. After you've finished, return here and leave us a comment so we'll know you've Mamboed. Be sure your Mambo is linked back to so others can dance too.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. If one of the questions doesn't inspire you then simply "pass" it. Just use your imagination and dance like crazy!

If you don't have a blog or you're an exhibitionist *woo hoo* feel free to Mambo right here in our comments section. There's absolutely no pressure ... although it's called the Monday Music Mambo you can Mambo on any day.

Until next time, this is your music-lovin' Mememeister saying have a good Monday and a good Mambo!

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