Saturday, September 30, 2006

666 -- Number of the Beast MEME

Go to your 6th journal entry: Congrats to the AOL Beta Testers

Take the sixth sentence: “Assume that about 3% or around 1 million of those customers opt to give AOL Journals a try.”

Now, give 6 links which have something to do with this journal entry and/or sentence:

Why CRM Doesn't Work: How to Win by Letting Customers ... - Newell - Cited by 4

Access to the Internet: Regulation Or Markets? - Kopel - Cited by 5

Mobile Commerce: Opportunities, Applications, and ... - May - Cited by 47


Then, bring those conversations with customers into your company

so the ... Wall Street Journal: Former AOL Official Pittman Puts Web

Firm Daily Candy Up ...

May 2005 · MarketingVOX

After five months of beta testing and 1 million downloads, the release

of ... At that rate, the very last subscriber will argue with

AOL's customer service ...

Jeremy Zawodny's blog: December 2005 Archives

Advertiser #1 said "we're outta here!" and pulled their link.

Advertiser #2 said "we're with you man!" And advertiser #3

said, "hey, give us a nofollow on ..

It's all Paul Little's fault!

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