Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Fill-in, #18


1. OMG I just saw a _hearse making a delivery to a nursing home (of flowers left over from a funeral which they make into bouquets for the dining room)_!
2. _2008 just might be_ ... the end.
3. When I want lobster I generally _have to stifle the desire_.
4. If I can _touch my eyebrows with my tongue_ can you _understand why women find this ugly troll interesting_?

5. What a _Bushie_ sees a _Bushie wants to_ owns.

6. It's been _a hounds age_ since you _had a drink_
7. This weekend, I'm most looking forward to _reading a book_

If you'd like to play along and get clean copies of this week's questions, just click on this entry's title and you'll be whisked away, almost as if you'd taken a bubble bath in Calgon.


Not quite.

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