Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Music Mambo -- Happy Birthday, Baby!

Rfduck announces to the world his natal day thusly: “Greetings, mamboers. Today is a special day - it's my birthday! It's also the birthday of velvet-voiced Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Roy Orbison.”

1. Name a few of your favorite Roy Orbison songs.
Mean Woman Blues, It's Over, Cry, Blue Bayou, Oh Pretty Woman.
2. Tell us one of your favorite Roy Orbison lyrics.
From Mean Woman Blues comes this verse:

She gotta ruby lips, she got shapely hips, yeah

Boy she makes ole roy-oy flip.

I got a woman mean as she can be,

Some-a-times I think she's almost mean as me”

3. How cool did Roy look in those dark glasses?
Way cool, particularly as he started getting to be more popular and played bigger venues, resulting in the lighting crews going to carbon-arc lamps. His light-sensitive eyes went bonkers with the brightness, so he graduated to some of the darkest sunglasses seen in the West.
4. If you aren't a fan of Roy Orbison, you can still participate - give me a music-related virtual birthday gift!

Happy (Virtual) Birthday, Russ!

Vintage Gibson 52-57 Conversion Les Paul Goldtop

"Converted from an original vintage Gibson 1952 LP Goldtop (by Dan Shinn owner of Lays Guitar Shop). This guitar is now virtually a '57 Goldtop as all the electronics are from 1957. The neck has a perfect reset to accommodate the tune-o-matic bridge. The P-90 pickup routes were plugged and then routed out for the PAF pickups. The guitar was refinished with the correct gold color and a '57 serial number added. The pickup cavities now look correct for a late 50's LP and also have new gold paint as well (check out the smile in the neck pickup cavity)."

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