Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday Seven - Episode 83

Thanks for all of the suggestions from last week's question that I could use as possible rewards for the big diet. I'm refining the list, although I'm leaving the Outback dinner on the list and I don't care what they say!

Since this is April Fools' Day, I seriously considered not posting a question today as a joke. Or maybe posting it tomorrow as if nothing had happened. I also considered posting a "Saturday Seven" and a "Sunday Six," but that probably would have confused me far more than anyone else.

In short, it probably wouldn't have been funny. And not being funny became the subject of this week's question!

But first, Ingrid of " AY! QUE VIDA! What a Life! . . . my thoughts, views, musings, ramblings . . ." was "first to play" last week, choosing to answer the questions in a comment here at Patrick's Weekender. (Though Team Gherkin was first to leave a comment, he didn't include the specific link, which, according to the rules, means that Ingrid is declared "first to play.") Congratulations, Ingrid!

On to this week's question!

Name up to seven comedians -- male or female -- whom you think just generally aren't funny.

  1. Johnny Carson

  2. Milton Berle

  3. Lucille Ball

  4. George Carlin

  5. Sid Ceasar

  6. Sammy Davis, Jr.

  7. Bob Hope

    There you go – April Fools'!

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