Thursday, April 19, 2007

Season of Discontent

Whew! It's finally stopped. The rain, that is.

After six inches or so, plus six inches of snow and sleet, horrendous winds that downed trees across power lines and blocking roads, it is momentarily quiet. There's even a hint of blue in the early dawn sky and the seemingly incessant drip drip drip of water in the computer room from a limb through the roof has stopped, too.

That was a bitch of a gale, let me tell you. And I'm 45 miles inland and sheltered to the Northeast! Down on the coast it was far, far worse. Out to sea in the Gulf of Maine there were steep, choppy waves averaging 35 feet with occasional rogues to 50 feet -- that's as tall as this house is long! Winds along the coast blew a steady 50 knots, with gusts to 83 knots.

So don't mind me -- there's so fixing and picking up to do, on top of the normal Spring Hustle. I expect the "daily" in this blog's title to become a figment of our collective imaginations. At least for a while. But do know we survived and we're thinking of you and yours.

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