Wednesday, April 04, 2007

MEME: Wednesday Mind Hump -- Vitamin C Day

Rose Hips - Rosa Rugosa
An excellent source of Vitamin C

Rfduck quacked out the following after nearly choking on a wedge of Spanish Blood Orange, "Happy Wednesday! Let's do another mind hump. Today is Vitamin C day, and that means citrus!"

Name your favorite citrus fruits and your favorite dishes, drinks, desserts, etc. using citrus.

Well now, buckaroos, my favorite citrus fruit is the tangerine, followed by the navel orange and pink grapefruit. I'm fond of fresh squeezed orange juice, lemonade and lime juice in my iced tea. A wedge of lemon on fresh water fish, or a few limes to marinate and “cook” fresh salt water fish is de riguer. My favorite smoothie involves a fresh banana, fresh orange juice, fresh strawberries and lots of ice with a little protein powder to bind it all together. “Cointreau” is a favorite liqueur of mine and is also a wonderful addition to crepes.

Mustn't forget the lemon cheesecake, the key lime pie and the lemon meringue pie with a double espresso with a twist of lemon peel. Let's finish it all off with some fine brandy and a Portuguese cigarillo soaked in a mix of Cointreau and Benedictine. Voila!

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