Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Seven - Episode 87

There are lots of photoblogs out there. Some of the most talented photographers find inspiration for their photo excursions from the Round Robin Photo Challenges blog run by Carly, Karen and Steven. The blog is celebrating its second anniversary, and if you’ve never seen it, you should drop by and have a look around.

The way it works is simple: they post a topic, like “Friendship,” (the most recent one), or “Red” or “Spring.” Then people try to take a shot with their cameras that somehow applies to that general topic. With that information, you are ready for this week’s question!

But first, Otowi of "Otowi" was first to play last week. Congratulations!

On to this week's question!

Name seven photo topics you would suggest for future editions of the Round Robin (or any other) photo challenge! (It doesn’t matter if it’s a topic that has been used before: just pick seven you’d like to see.)

OK, I'll nibble. I've never participated in the Round Robin, so I don't know what they've covered in the past. Here's seven triggers off the top of my head. Even I haven't a clue where they came from.

  1. Depth

  2. Orange

  3. Silence

  4. Shattered

  5. Warmth

  6. Babies

  7. Cars

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