Friday, July 13, 2007


One year ago today my youngest brother died.

I'm still having a hard time dealing with it.

It was simply too short of a journey for him.

And it sucks to be the one left behind, guys.

Update: Chickie suggested providing more info about my brother and that period of time. Take a look at these entries: There's Always A Reason For Silence , Time Flies..., and Once there were three.


Janet said...

I'm sorry to hear about your brother. It's hell to lose anyone we love, but someone's just tougher, somehow.

Donna said...

I recall that time; you took a little leave of absence from blogging, I believe. I'm sorry for your loss.

Chickie Carmarthen said...

Wil, I can't imagine losing one of my siblings at this point; it feels like we're all too young (maybe that's just me with rose-coloured glasses on). I'm sorry you lost your little brother. I didn't read you at the time so don't know much about him, maybe you could tell us a bit about him if it wouldn't be too painful?

Chickie Carmarthen said...

Wil, thanks for the links; I just went and read all three - the Bangor Daily News Obit is still there and from the sounds of it, your brother and I would've gotten along just fine. Don't know if it's inappropriate to like something in someone's obit, but the line "As a flaming, floating, funeral pyre is out of the question in this day and age" was great I thought. He sounds like he was a hell of a guy. I'm sorry you lost your bro.

Chris said...

Sorry Wil. I am sure that it isn't easy for you:(

Patrick said...

You know, Wil, they say that it's supposed to get easier as time goes by. I think there are some losses that just never get easier.

Hope you're taking good care of yourself.